Introduzione. «Sono il Momento opportuno, signore di ogni cosa». Riflessioni introduttive su pieghe e intrecci di καιρός e apparenza


  • Arianna Fermani



Kairos and appearance are two rich notions, both from a linguistic and a conceptual point of view: unavoidable in philosophical reflection, they also represent fundamental crossroads of every human life, given that the “flourishing” of human life depends on grasping the opportune moment that requires to be expected but also realized.

These two notions are called upon to work as a pair, as the contributions contained in this volume show from various points of view.

Moreover, the same kairos is what stands in time, but it is also what has a spatial manifestation, and therefore “appears”, revealing itself, together, as “right time” and as “right space”, as shown by the Latin term occasio, which indicates what falls in front of us in an unexpected way and which therefore represents a visible manifestation of the kairos.